Exchange 2010 SP2 installation

Installing SP2 for Exchange 2010 should be a fairly straight forward process as with all other hotfixes, rollups and service packs. In the below article, I will install service pack 2 in a lab environment for the first time to see if this holds true.

First, I am going to verify my current build, hotfix and any rollups installed. The screenshot below shows that I am running Version 14.1 (Build 218.15) and the second screenshot shows the rollup number installed in programs in the control panel.

We can verify the build number  by using the below link which will take you to a list of all Exchange server build numbers and release dates. This has not yet been updated with the build number and release date for service pack 2

Exchange 2010 SP2 will require an Active Directory schema update. The details of how to properly perform this procedure can be found here. Once the schema has been prepped for Exchange 2010 SP2, we can proceed with the installation.

You can find the Exchange 2010 SP2 download here, which is 535mb in size before extraction. Once extracted, the contents are 1.41gb

Launching setup.exe brings us to the familiar Exchange setup welcome screen.

Selecting, Install Microsoft Exchange Server upgrade will result in the installer copying the necessary setup files and initializing setup. Next, we are presented with the Exchange Server SP2 introduction screen

Selecting Next, will bring us to the license agreement screen which will we accept and continue on. The Exchange setup wizard will then proceed to perform its readiness check. I have prepped the schema outside of the wizard on a domain controller which should satisfy the readiness check so I can proceed with the upgrade. As suspected, the installer is warning me about the installation of Office 2010 filter packs not being installed on my hub/transport roles. I will ignore this as it is only a lab, and proceed with the upgrade.

Setup completed successfully on my vmware workstation Exchange server in just under 40 minutes. This is not bad considering all server roles are running on this server and the vm is not very powerful from a resource perspective.

Upon completion, launching the EMC shows the new build number for the updated multi-role server at

Another item to note is that all previous rollup packs installed prior to service pack 2 will not longer show in programs in the control panel.

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