Error 0x8007010B attempting to download the OAB

I found myself trouble shooting a rather difficult scenario the other day and felt that hopefully someone may benefit from my pain if I shared.

After resolving some Autodiscover issues in an Exchange 2010 SP1 environment consisting of two WNLB CAS servers, I was left with an error when attempting to download the OAB in Outlook 2010. The Autodisover issues were due to IIS virtual directory security settings and once resolved, Autodiscover, Availability and testing e-mail autoconfiguration via Outlook was successful.

Attempting to download the OAB in Outlook 2010 resulted in a 0x8007010B error. After finding this helpful page I learned that this error points to an invalid directory. My autodiscover settings were set to point Outlook clients to the fqdn of my WNLB ip address for my CAS array.

This was resolvable in both explorer and in IE I was prompted for credentials then able to view the oab.xml file as expected.

FDS services were working as I would expect and the OAB directory on both CAS servers was being updated and populated properly based on the schedule set in EMC.

I then thought that maybe the directory being reported as invalid was local to my machine and Outlook related rather than an issue in the Exchange configuration.

On a client that was having OAB download issues, I also noticed that after clicking download address book in Outlook, the default name was “Download Offline Address Lists” which struck me as odd. I always remembered this being “\Global Address List” in a default Exchange installation.

I also noticed that on my client machine there was no directory named “Offline Address Books” in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\

After deleting my Outlook profile and re-creating using the now resolved autodiscover service I was able to successfully download the offline address list and populate the Outlook directory with a folder to house the OAB.

My assumption is that during email profile creation on the local machine the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Offline Address Books is created and populated with the OAB using the url received from the Autodiscover service. If the initial profile creation is unsuccessful, the Offline Address Books directory will not be created, therefore resulting in the 0x8007010B error when attempting to download the OAB.

Hope this ends up helping someone in the future.

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2 Responses to Error 0x8007010B attempting to download the OAB

  1. kwacky1 says:

    Thank you! I had no idea that 0x8007010B Unknown Error related to the oab until I read this post. Recreated my profile and, what do you know, the error is gone.

    • Chris Meehan says:

      kwacky1. Your welcome! Glad it helped someone. Was frustrating for me so I’m glad some one was able to benefit from my pain.


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