The IBM XIV (Part 1)…. Background, delivery and setup

Introduction and background

I’d like to share my experiences with anyone that may land on this page about a migration to the the IBM XIV storage array. Before I dive into the the delivery and setup of the array, I would like to provide a little background on the current storage environment, services that will be utilizing the new and old array, and also the configuration of the IBM XIV that was purchased.

The existing environment consists of an Hitachi AMS1000 array. In the HDS array there is 27 raw TB of a mixture between FC / SATA disk. Disks and
20 raid groups range from 146GB FC to 300GB FC and 500GB SATA disk. After raid group configuration for I/O requirements there ended up being a total usable
storage size of 22.5TB. After allocating storage for five services that will be explained in a seperate blog post for each migration, the total storage allocated
came to 19 TB. Total data set in use across the five services which will need to be migrated to the XIV came to 11.5 TB.

One thing that I want to point out in the above configuration and storage array is that to provide the required I/O for services accessing the box, 19TB of disk space was allocated for 11.5TB of data.

Delivery and Setup

The array was delivered a day early which was not a problem was we were able to accomodate the rack coming into our building. Our shipment was sent out in pieces, although I have heard that some units will ship in a fully assembled rack. We received the rack and a three palettes of hardware. Within an hour, our IBM CE was onsite with a team of three people to install and configure the unit.

Two hours later the rack was in place and all modules were installed and running. The rack is prewired in the back making setup and installation into our existing fabric very simple. All phsyical setup was completed within three hours of the unit arriving in our datacenter. After the latest code upgrade and some network configuration we were ready to introduce the unit into our fabric.

Our XIV configuration is a partial frame consisting of nine modules. Nine modules in an XIV frame gave us 43TB of space to allocate.

In part 2, I will comment on the hardware in the unit itself and getting it setup in our fabric.

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